Click below to watch the message from Sunday talking about recognizing what we need to change and how we go about it.

If we will be determined to cling to God we can come out of times of tests and temptations with confidence, strength, and moral authority.

Jesus was tested the Devil/evil in three ways. If our hearts are not with God– love, we won’t be able to withstand the test.

  • In his weakness- Where are your areas of weakness? Where can you be attacked?

  • In his loyalty- Where is our heart? Where is our loyalty?

  • In his identity- How many times do we find ourselves wrestling with our identity?

If we are not mindful and strong-willed, then our identities will be shaped by our tests and temptations. We must learn determination to let go of the stuff that gets in the way of being people of love.

Watch this message to explore how we can thank God in the middle of temptations and tests and difficulties!

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