What if we take a walk?
A final walk.
A walk in his shadow . . . a walk in his footsteps.
What do we see?
We follow his walk from Jericho to Jerusalem . . . where once again he warned them what religious piety and being disconnected from God would do to their lives and souls.
We follow his walk from the temple to the garden . . . where he agonized and was SO fully human. Where he needed companionship and support . . . where he prayed that MAYBE this cup could pass from him . . . but was not to be the case. So – he consented to what his future would be.
We follow his walk from Pilate’s palace to Golgotha’s cross.
Where he showed the world what ultimate love is all about.
Death to self.
Death to self’s desires.
Death to power.
Death to control.
Death to anger, bitterness, and hatred.
The walk to the cross . . . was nothing but absolute love.
An ultimate, costly love.
Are we willing to walk to the cross today?
Are we willing to stand and watch as he allows humanity’s evil to take his life?
Are we willing to embrace the transformation that will occur in us if we become a part of his final journey?
May we stand at the cross today . . .