We hope you had a great Easter and have been able to experience resurrection in your lives this week.

If you were able to be with us on Easter, I hope you found the service meaningful and memorable!

Hopefully, you were able to walk away with this phrase in mind, “It is what it is.”

As we discussed the power of the resurrection, we talked about what can happen in our lives when we accept where we are, “It is what it is.” But knowing in that space, “it is” can be redeemed by a power that is greater than anything we can imagine!

Redeemed and resurrected.

In the spirit of resurrection, this Sunday we are going to dive into the topic of prayer.

Why do we pray?

What happens when we pray?

Does God even hear our prayers and why does it seem like so many go unanswered?

Things none of us have concrete answers to (including me), but there are concepts and ideas around this we can study, discuss, and see what conclusions we come to.

If you have any thoughts or questions about prayer, I’d welcome those in an email this weekend. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

THANK YOU for an amazing Easter service. From the music to the welcoming energy in the sacred space, to the phenomenal support you offered SOUL Creations (Over $450 in sales) . . . . thank you! You are an amazing group of folks that love others beyond yourselves and make it a point to live that out in your every day life!

I look forward to starting this new series with you on Sunday!

Grace and Peace,