Easy to hear, but do you believe it?

Hearing it, believing it, and claiming it are very different things.

A few weeks ago I found a file named, “Funeral Services.”

I was preparing for the funeral of a Westie, (a personal who calls West his/her faith community home), so I thought it could be helpful to look through the file to see what resources I could find.

I had forgotten over the past 16 years, since my time in Mooresville, how many services I had been a part of. In the folder was my notes from my visits with the families . . . their memories, encompassed with scriptures and prayers. As I skimmed them, the families of the loved ones came pouring into my mind. Many families of children who lost their mom to cancer.

Wives whose spouse of 30 – 50+ years died.

Parents who were having to grieve the death of a child.

I remembered my time with them listening to their stories, their memories, hearing their laughter and seeing their tears.

In those moments, many would express these sentiments.

“How will life ever be the same?”

“How will we ever be ok?”

“How will we ever be able to laugh again?”

“How will we ever be able to get up and face a new day, day after day . . .?”

It is so easy, when we are confronted with life’s darkness to doubt the message of the cross and resurrection.

It is also easy to wonder if God’s promises really will and do come true.

In scripture there is a couple who were up in age . . . like, they were really old AND childless, even though that had been their biggest dream. God told them they would give birth, and they laughed. But God’s promise did come true.

Paul wrote of Abraham and Sarah, “His own body was almost as good as dead and they were facing the barrenness of Sarah’s womb. But no distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God. Abraham grew strong in his faith . . . fully convinced that GOd was able to do what God had promised.” Romans 4:19-21

In each of those conversations, the families had to make pivotal decisions. They had to let go of their pain and rely on their faith.
They had to believe that while life would never be the same, that a “new normal” would be created. And yes, if they would put their trust in God, they would be able to get up and face a new day.

Where do you have doubt that God will provide newness of life and eradication from pain?

Do you doubt the message of the cross and resurrection?

Have you ever seen evidence in your life or the life of others that God does provide a way through the pain?

Give those doubts to God . . . TODAY!