Happy Friday!

First, I want to thank you for being a part of West.

If it weren’t for you, there would be no West, so thank you for all you bring to the community!

One of our core values at West is “infinitely changing.”

That does not mean we follow every whim that crosses our minds.

What it does mean is that we are constantly evaluating, assessing, and aiming to fulfill our mission, vision, and plan.


Real people. Doing Real Life. Sharing God’s Love in Real Ways.


To be real, relevant, and non-threatening so that all might find a pathway to Christ.

Our plan – well, that is the infinitely changing part.

We are always trying to make sure we are meeting your needs while also maintaining our existence so that all people may encounter the transformational Love of God.

What does that mean in reality? It means that there is a balance we desperately seek to keep.

Meeting you where you are in your faith journey and also remembering that we exist for those not yet a part of a faith community.

That last part has been a stickler over the years. Countless “I want . . .” conversations that turn into disgruntled “church people” because we didn’t change the mission or vision to accommodate their wants, needs, or, frankly – demands.

Odds are, if you are still reading this, you are not an “I want” person.

Even if you don’t attend West and are part of another faith community, if you read and support West, you “get” what we are about. And although it might not be for you, you respect it enough not to bash/criticize it. (Thanks for that, by the way! Truly! Isn’t God a lot bigger than a few “churches?”)

All this brings me to the point that we need your help.

We are earnestly trying to figure out how to offer online worship so that it is meaningful and transformational for you while utilizing the manpower and technology we have and/or have access to.

Those two things together, at this point, are seemingly impossible.

Not kidding. I’ve been awake at 3 am for the past three nights trying to “figure this out.”

I’m either going to get grayer, more wrinkled, fluffier, or run away to a remote desert island and become a bartender. Or . . . we’ve got to figure this out.

That’s where your input is vital.

You are a significant part of this equation.

As I shared in the video, despite my best efforts, pre-recording in the office is not a “great” option for producing transformational messages.

Livestreaming from LNHS at 10 am is not an option.

Two reasons:

YouTube is blocked there and that is our streaming platform.

Plus, we need an additional phone line.

The cost to remedy both of those situations would be approximately $4500 – $5000.

We did not budget for this. IF someone(s) wants to fund it in addition to your regular West offering, message me and we will chat, take it to the appropriate people, and see if the option is viable. Else – let’s explore some others.

So . . . . here are the things we’ve debated:

1.    Film at high school the live service and produce it for the online campus at noon, going “live-stream” at noon instead of 9 am

2.    Move 10 am Lake Norman High service back to 9:30 am, then produce filmed worship at 11:00ish am for a “live-streamed” service instead of 9 am.

3.    Live-stream at 8:30 am from the office (instead of 9 as we previously did). Time change of 30 minutes for online worshipers. Recognizing at times, there will be technical difficulties beyond our control. (The Internet)

4.    Film at high school, then produce it the following Sunday for 9 am Live Stream Service (this is the option I explained in the video yesterday).

5.    Choose some other random time to live-stream – like an evening. Either Tuesday or Wednesday. This would be the message from the previous Sunday.

Do any of these sound good to you?

Do you have any additional options?

We really would love to hear from you! Just hit reply and talk to me! Even if I don’t reply today – I will read it and begin processing it. I’ll get back to you next week.

In the meantime, Sunday online you’ll experience the in-person message from Sunday about guilt. You’ll see what I mean if you worshipped online last week, the difference between the two messages is crazy!

Sunday in person we are going to talk about judging others and pointing the finger. (Not the middle finger)

Thanks for listening and helping brainstorm “how” we figure this out!

Grace and Peace,