Have you ever heard the phrase “sacred cows?”

A “sacred cow” is an idea, custom, or institution held, especially unreasonably, to be above criticism or change. It references the Hindus’ respect for the cow as a sacred animal.

The first time I did something wrong at Williamson’s Chapel was when I turned off the eternal flame.

I was the last to leave the chapel building after a bible study one evening, and I tried to be diligent about turning out ALL the lights (there seemed to be a lot!)

I did not know that the “eternal flame” was a sacred cow.

Apparently, many years before, someone in the church family died and as a tribute to his memory, his wife had an “eternal flame” installed in the chapel. It was a small electric candle that hung from the ceiling and was enclosed in a red globe. To me, it matched the other elements of the worship space, I had no idea it was something sacred. Therefore, when I turned off the lights, I flipped that switch as well.

The senior pastor walked into my office and as he was laughingly “reprimanding” me . . . he shared the unpleasant phone call he’d received late the previous ending because someone walked out and noticed the flame had been turned off. Apparently, he had the opportunity to spend about 20 minutes on the phone listening to someone share with him the angst that caused . . .

After this, we marked the light switch and I never touched it again. J

I had no clue I was touching something that was “sacred.”

However, Jesus did.

He knew exactly what he was doing that day he traveled to the top of the mountain, sat down, and began to teach. Every last word, thing, and act he did crush the religious, spiritual, and traditional idols of his day. False kingdoms were exposed, false motives were laid open, false teachings were confronted, and all that he interacted with came away confused, intrigued, perplexed, or changed.

He was a true iconoclast.

“Icon” means idol.

“Clast” means to break.

By the way, he lived, spoke, behaved, listened, and loved, he changed things.

What if we get rid of our own religious baggage and get to the purity of the gospel again? How might our lives be changed?“Blessed are the . . .”

“For they shall see the Kingdom of God.”