How are you holding up staying in, staying home
A week ago was literally the day before I closed on my home in Denver and moved to my new home in Troutman. It was early Thursday, I had tons of “tasks” that needed to be completed, professionally and personally. While running errands that were significantly time sensitive I was rear ended on Perth Rd. No physical damage was done to anyone, but my emotions perhaps took a significant hit. It was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” I was angry and a tiny bit scared as I’d never been in a car accident before.
I have learned over the past several years that there are times I need to hold my tongue because when I don’t the next words that seem to surface are, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Then the conversation ends up revealing that I am a pastor. So, in that moment of anger and fear I knew my words needed to be chosen carefully.
As the lady approached my window all I knew to say was, “Ma’am, I need a moment. I’m very angry right now and nothing I say is going to be kind and I want to be kind. This is the last thing I needed to have happen today. So please . . . just give me a minute.”
She replied, “Can you just tell me you are ok?”
I rattled off the things that hurt, which were all nominal, and assured her that in the big scheme of things I was ok.
Later when my friends arrived they asked about how she was . . .
In that moment I realized I’d never thought to ask her about herself. I was way too concerned about my inconvenience and consumed with my anger at the situation. Like she WANTED to rear end someone that day?!?!?! My thoughts were purely selfish. I was (and am, actually) disappointed in the way I handled myself.
We are living in a time where we just can’t be totally concerned about ourselves and as a society we have to look at the good of the whole.
It seems that as we continue to live into our new reality of social distancing and for some, the “stay at home” order we are going to experience a myriad of emotions. Odds are that at some point we will grow weary and frustrated and want our lives to return to normal.
Over the next several days I’ll be suggesting things we can do to help focus/center ourselves so that we can keep our negative feelings and emotions at a minimum and instead just this as a time of great centering.
Throughout today I’d encourage us to find a “calming place” in our homes/yards . . . somewhere we can be that is a place of peace.
Tomorrow I’ll share some thoughts around meditation and how we can attempt that during this challenging time.
May we remember that as always, it isn’t all about us. We are in this together. We are community with the world and our actions impact humanity, period. None of us live in a bubble and there is a unitive consciousness that is a part of our reality.
Have a beautiful day . . . and embrace a place that brings you peace.
Grace and Peace,