When’s the last time you really wanted the “right” words to say to someone, but no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t find them?

Or, when’s the last time you wanted someone to listen to you but because of other distractions or things demanding their time, they just didn’t listen.

These are things we encounter not just in our personal lives but also in our spiritual lives, too.

Sunday we begin exploring these situations and more as we dive into a series, “Prayer: Does it work or is it just hocus pocus?”

Prayer is a way to center ourselves in our spirituality, connect with God, and deepen our relationship with The Divine. Far too often we think it must consist of elaborate words and phrases, knowing the “right” things to say. We also tend to treat God like a giant vending machine. In this message series, we will explore what prayer is and practical ways to engage in meaningful and purposeful prayer.

We will learn that prayer is merely presenting ourselves as fully present in the moment and then connecting at that moment with all that lies both within us and beyond. God is everywhere. When we discover and connect with that, we unlock the fullness of the Kingdom of God that exists within us all.

Join us online at 9 AM or in.-person at Lake Norman High School at 10 AM.

Grace and Peace,