It was my junior year of high school and for some horrific reason I had “Keyboarding 2.”  Apparently whatever academic class I wanted was full, so I got my THIRD choice of elective . . . and back then I didn’t have the wisdom to question or buck the system, so I dutifully went to keyboarding class each day.

This was a laborious effort on my part because unlike physical sports, typing was something I was actually pretty good at. I had the fastest and most accurate time of anyone in the class. I made 100’s on every quiz/typing test . . . and frankly, after about three months of this, I just didn’t see the point anymore.

Now, at the same time, I was also the pianist for the Advanced Chorus. This was a new role for me and we were prepping for several pieces of Handel’s Messiah. They were MOST difficult to play and any practice time I could sneak in was greatly beneficial to my ability to accompany the singers and not disappoint the director.

It was logical to me since Keyboarding 2 was SUCH a waste of my time and I NEEDED to practice for the upcoming Christmas concert, that perhaps I should SKIP OUT on Keyboarding and go to the chorus room, which was vacant during that period, and practice.

The chorus teacher was excited about my dedication.
However, I’m not sure I told him I was skipping another class to do this.

Apparently that evening I was telling one of my friends on the phone my BRILLIANT idea! Little did I know that I had ears . . . my parents were doing one of their typical things, eavesdropping. Now . . . let me assure you, they did not think my actions were nearly as brilliant as I did. I ended up grounded, had to tell my chorus teacher the truth about what I did, and life was difficult for a while in my household.

I just couldn’t understand their rationale.

Why in the world would they punish me for breaking a rule that was silly . . . I did not NEED to be in Keyboarding but I did NEED to be practicing my music. It wasn’t like I skipped class to go make out with my boyfriend. (That was my senior year). I was using time wisely and practicing a skill.

Nevertheless, in their minds, the rule was important and my behavior was not conducive to following the rules.

For the next several weeks we are going to explore how Jesus was the true iconoclast. The true Rule Breaker or idol smasher (what iconoclast means)! He used his time with his followers to share with them what the true Kingdom of God was like instead of having them obsess about the Jewish laws they were so diligently trying to follow. The Jewish people of the day were so bent on trying to follow the laws they were missing out on the joy that comes from living into God’s reign on earth.

I hope you will join in at West on Sunday mornings at Lake Norman High and hear the message on “Rule Breakers” starting this week. Or . . . listen live-stream or online through the week and let’s explore what it means to be POWERFUL Rule Breakers together!