Every year YouVersion, a Bible app, releases a report on the millions of users who download their app to see what the most widely searched, bookmarked, and shared verse is for the year.
For the past several years it has been the same verse. The most “viral” verse is Joshua 1:9.
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
It’s easy to see why that would be such a popular verse. It encourages us to not give up, to have courage, be bold . . . that we are never alone, God is always with us.
We all need that message, right?
Joshua 1:9 speaks to pretty much every challenge we face in life.
But – the verse is more than just some nice encouraging words. They were written to Joshua who was to be strong and courageous as he led the people in battle as they claimed the Promised Land. Joshua was to heed this as he obeyed God and the direction God had given him. Basically, God wanted Joshua to be strong and courageous as he endured the path he needed to follow in order to fulfill God’s call on his life.
And that transfers to our lives as well.
Sure, we can be bold, courageous, unafraid, and not discouraged . . . but not just when we are doing what WE want to do. We must be these things as we pursue the call that God has placed on each of our lives. That call is costly. Picking up our cross and following Jesus is never easy . . . but it is something that changes everything if we are willing to allow it to.
What call has God placed on you and your life that you are pursuing? How do you need to apply perseverance and grit to that call so that you can be strong, courageous, not discouraged and unafraid?