We have to figure out how to be present to ourselves before we can be present to others, including God.
Often times in life we can’t figure out why we feel as if we are spinning our wheels when others around us seem to have it all together.
Perhaps part of the problem is that we haven’t figured out how to be fully present to ourselves so that we can have contentment and peace.
Years ago I would do anything I could to avoid being alone unless it was to sleep.
Frankly, I had no idea I intentionally did this until I was in a small group studying the spiritual disciplines and we worked through the discipline of meditation. It was then that I realized I had no desire to be “quiet and still. To be fully present.”
Because you see, if I would be fully present to myself, I’d actually have to deal with some of the ick that was inside of me.
Three of Jesus’ friends had him over for dinner . . . . Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.
From a big picture it seemed as if Martha was doing exactly what she needed to be doing – the reasonable and hospitable thing. Rushing around – fixing, preparing, making sure all the things were “just right.”
But – the scripture text says she was “distracted with all the serving.”
Yeah – Martha was doing all the “right” things by making sure the dinner came off as it should. However, there was one thing she was not.
She was not “present” to herself . . . maybe to her own feelings of resentment, her own martyr complex, and how she needed to be needed. Even Jesus told her, “Martha, Martha, you worry about the ‘ten thousand things.’ So few are necessary. Indeed, only one.” Luke 10:42
For Martha, she needed a plain, simple, naked presence.
Jesus affirmed Mary as she sat at his feet listening to him speak (Luke 10:39).
That had to not “sit well” with Martha because she thought she was doing the EXACT right thing!
Jesus ended up teaching Martha (and us) that only one thing is necessary. If we are present, we will be able to know what we need to know, most specifically about ourselves.
When we are fully present and work within ourselves, we will connect with not only God but others in a deeper, more real level.
What things do we need to rid our minds of so that we can be fully present to ourselves?