We were walking through downtown Kampala, Uganda.

Honestly, I didn’t think anything of it. We had some tasks we needed to accomplish, we knew where we needed to go, and we were intentionally trying to get there quickly. We stopped to look at something at one point, and a gentleman came over to speak to the store owner. Although I did not know what he was saying, it was clearly the same thing repeatedly, and the comments were directed at or about me.

You could feel the energy during those few minutes with us standing on the sidewalk and the man passionately repeating his phrases.

I asked what was transpiring, but it seemed best that I “did not know” exactly. So I let it go.

What struck me, however, was that time, along that street, you could feel the heightened energy.

It reminded me of a street 2000+ years ago, where the energy was so palpable, people lined the street. They not just lined it but took off their cloaks, etc., to line the pathway for the one entering the city of Jerusalem.


There was something about him, some “energy” that exuded from him. In the Gospel of Matthew, we read, “It unnerved the whole city.”

Sunday is Palm Sunday. At 9 am, we will gather online and discuss that day, the meaning, and the energy Jesus bestowed on all things.

At 10 am on the campus of Lake Norman High, we will prepare the space for the hundreds of people joining in the Easter Celebration. We have 350 kids registered thus far! Crazy!

The same energy and drive that united the people along the streets leading into Jerusalem that day is the same energy and drive that motivates us and pushes us out of any sedentary comfort zone on Sunday.

We will greet people. Show Love. And hopefully, they will realize that “church” isn’t bad! We are praying for the people who attend. Hoping they will be willing to give Growth Co and AMPED a try.

Thanks for being willing to break out of the “Holy Huddle” and show love to the community on Sunday!

The trip to Uganda was amazing.

Never have I seen a group of six young men more willing to do whatever it takes to offer Jesus.

As we planned and laid out a strategic plan for the upcoming year, I was humbled by the fact that “church” is quite different in that time/space. Simply following up with “First Time Guests” is something I take for granted. There is no “text system” or a note in the mail thanking them for visiting. Dero, Blaise, Farid, Philip, Mawejje, and Prosper all work to ensure people are included and loved by traveling from village to village, hosting “cell groups,” and worshiping with them in their homes on the “off weeks.”

Next week I will be sharing via video synopsis of the trip. It should be easier to process the info that way.

In the meantime, we focus on harnessing our energy! Preparing to begin our journey in and through Holy Week.

What a powerful time to be a part of the West Community!

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to loving and sharing Love with all!