I shared yesterday one mantra for the staff when they become anxious, worried, or overwhelmed.

The second thing we live by is “It is ok to fail. Please – fail. But fail fast and learn from your mistakes.”

We never want staff to become so paralyzed by amking a mistake they stop following Jesus courageously. They need to know that the leadership of West is a safe space.

But, we also don’t enjoy wallowing in our mistakes. We believe we need to learn from them.
So that’s what I invite us to do . . . . let’s look at the life of Elijah and learn from his mistakes!

If you missed Sunday’s message, Elijah was Elijah was a prophet in ancient Israel during the reign of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. King Ahab, who ruled the Northern Kingdom of Israel, was notorious for promoting the worship of the pagan god Baal and leading the people away from the worship of the one God, Yahweh (what we know of as God).

Elijah boldly confronted Ahab and declared that there would be a severe drought in the land as a divine punishment for the idolatry and wickedness that had taken hold under his rule. This declaration was a direct challenge to the king’s authority and the prevailing religious practices, as Baal was believed to be a god of fertility associated with rain.
It was game on. Ahab wanted Elijah killed.

Yet during the entire drought, Elijah demonstrated unwavering faith.

Until it was over.

Yahweh prevailed over Baal. (For more details watch yesterday’s message by clicking below).

But after it was all said and done, Queen Jezebel was NOT done. So she made it her mission to have Elijah killed.

That was when Elijah gave up and wished himself dead. Literally.

Ever felt like Elijah?

Ever felt like you just don’t have what it takes to keep going?

Maybe not wishing yourself dead, but for sure thinking you don’t have what it takes? Have you ever wanted to give up?

Give up on a job?

Give up on a relationship?

Give up on finances, thinking, “I suck at this anyway. It’s never going to get better. Why bother?”

Give up on your health?

Maybe even give up on yourself?

Elijah’s archetypal story is one we can relate to as we face our stressors in life.

Tomorrow, we will learn from Elijah’s mistakes, but today, let’s explore within ourselves our stressors and anxieties in our journey.

Oh – by the way, just in case you don’t know the end of the story . . .

Elijah’s legacy as a fearless prophet who stood against the corrupt leadership of King Ahab and promoted the worship of Yahweh made him a revered figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Even though he wanted to throw in the towel, he learned what it takes to sustain.

Grace and Peace,

Phillippians 4: 6
“Don’t be anxious about anything; rather, bring up all of your requests to God in your prayers and petitions, along with giving thanks.”