Gather the following resources to help your kids learn at home. 

The video above will walk you through this fun craft!


Temporary Tattoos

Step 1

Pick a tattoo design for your temporary tattoo. Print off a design from the Internet or sketch out your own idea. Determine the location on the body for the application of the temporary tattoo. Hold the design up to the body part to ensure it is the size you want it to be.

Step 2

Wash the location for the fake tattoo with warm water and soap. Pat the area until dry with a paper towel.

Step 3

Outline the tattoo design with a black permanent marker. Sharpies are a brand that is non-toxic, fast-drying and has 39 different colors. The black outline keeps the color in the temporary tattoo from bleeding out onto the rest of the body part.

Step 4

Color in the temporary tattoo black outline with bold colors. Use any color you like, remember a tattoo is a piece of artwork and is not always a literal interpretation. For example, color a star or heart in with the colors pink, green or purple. Add a name, date or a favorite scripture around the tattoo.

Step 5

Allow the permanent marker to dry for several minutes. Apply baby powder to a makeup brush and lightly dust over the temporary tattoo. The baby powder keeps the skin dry and prevents sweat from smearing the tattoo.

Bunny Hop Game

Step 1

Attach an empty rectangle tissue box or any small box you have at home around the waist. We used old belts. However, you can use the yarn we sent you or anything that can be taped to the box and tied around your waist.

Step 2

Put a jingle bell or small ball in the box.

Step 3

Contestant must shake their rump to get the bell/ball out in 60 seconds or less.  This is as hilarious! (Note: I did cut a larger opening in the box just to make it a little easier.)

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