Dreams are fascinating. They reveal to us our subconscious . . . and while I’m not an analyzer of dreams, I do think many (maybe not all) can be revealing if we meditate and pray about their meaning.

Warning – the following might not make complete sense . . . but hang with me.

As I was away these past three weeks, for the first time in a long time I began to remember my dreams. Perhaps because the first one was so jarring. I woke up literally with an anxiety attack, which was a very new thing for me.

In my dream it was a Sunday morning and was time to leave the office to head to West. Basically . . . it was time to preach.

I had nothing. No words. No transition points/sentences (those are really big things in my brain as I finalize the message). The clock kept inching closer to 10 am. I began to panic and ended up hyperventilating in the dream. I woke myself up literally in the middle of some kind of massive anxiety, shallow breathing, etc.

It was a bizarre yet revealing experience. It pushed me to ask myself, “Do I really dread preaching that much?”

“Do I not have what it takes to be a decent preacher anymore?”
“Have I traveled into burnout so far that I’ve lost the passion for preaching?” I pushed the dream to the back of my mind. I reminded myself I had several

Sundays to rest, reflect, and pray about God’s use of me.
Saturday night I had a different dream.
I was getting ready for worship and everywhere I went I kept finding ADORABLE

newborn kittens in the most random of places. Each time I found one, I experienced great joy. However, after finding seven, I found the dog that had given birth to them. It was dying of measles. (Yes, I know this is weird . . . it’s a dream).

Scott was going to take the dog to the vet to be put to sleep before worship and there was great sadness. The kittens would be without a parent. Not to mention how were we going to get rid of 7 kittens? (I had list with many of your names . . .)

However the most important part of the dream was the recurring phrase, “New life . . . beautiful life of abundance and joy CAN come from dying things.”

As I meditated, both dreams connected and had clarity.

New life comes from dying things.

It feels amazing to begin prep to preach again! For Lent, I will be imposing some healthier time management practices. I will focus on the main things (preaching, teaching, leading) and refuse to allow myself to get caught up in the weeds. Some old habits (of procrastination) need to die and I must focus on life-giving, life-breathing things.

It is unfortunate that I had to face dying passion to find those life-giving things . . . but lessons learned.

Where can you find life giving things in your own life? What needs to die so that you can live?

17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.​ James 1:17