Poking holes in the story.

To find mistakes or problems in something someone has said.

Recently a friend learned that someone important to them had lied.

We’ve all heard the term “little white lies” – and then there are the big ones.

This was a big one.

Then, they began questioning their fault and naivete.

“It isn’t your job to chase down truth.”


When we get into a relationship with someone, we enter with the assumption of truth. Any relationship. That’s why it is a “relationship” (Which is the state of being connected)

It’s difficult if not impossible, to connect to false truths. Thus, we enter into all spaces in our lives, assuming they are grounded in truth.

The same is true with religion.

We enter it assuming that it is grounded in truth.

Then we start to study it. For people raised in evangelical faith or strict spiritual backgrounds, “study” meant study like you are going for your final exams. You really “studied.”

Then, problems came.

One story seemed to say something different than another story.

Or how does the numerical year of this make sense if science teaches us this?

Or, how does a God whose nature is love wipe out tons of people because they disobey said god?

What do you mean the church says who I can marry? Or cannot marry if I am divorced?

Lots of other rules and laws.

Those, on top of stories that don’t make sense, make it a hard pill to swallow for many about religion.

But it isn’t like that. Not if you dig back to the original journey and teachings of Jesus.

If we take spirituality/faith in the Western understanding back to its original form and message, the God we uncover is going to change your world.

To get there, we will do some deconstruction.

I hope you will join in for the first message on Sunday!

Grace and Peace,