It’s about an experience . . .

Do you throw away your Apple boxes?

Not the Honeycrisp box, the “Apple” box – your iPhone, earbuds, watch, etc. came in. Do you throw it away?

It’s difficult to do that, to throw away the box. Research shows that historically, people end up keeping their Apple packaging long after the newness of the product is gone.

Why is it that we value empty boxes so much?

It comes down to the Apple’s philosophy.

Simplicity and experience.

“Every detail is meticulously considered, from the placement of the product image on the box to the arrangement of the accessories inside. Even the absence of traditional packaging elements, such as visible tabs or creases, is deliberate. These choices serve to create an uncluttered and premium feel, mirroring the seamless, user-friendly experience of the Apple products themselves.”

There is something unique about unboxing a new Apple product. It is indeed an experience.

Last Saturday, you created an experience.

Apparently to the 4000 – 5000 guests, the experience had a “simplicity” vibe.

But to leadership behind the scenes, “simple” was anything but.

1100 students served with new backpacks, tennis shoes, and school supplies in a truly FUN atmosphere. It was an amazing day!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more pics and videos of the day, but for now, we merely want to thank YOU for providing others with the experience.

If you were there in person or in spirit, we thank you! Your support of West makes Bash possible and without you, there would be a huge gaping hole!

Please read the following words from one of the volunteers from St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church . . .

When I was younger and slipping on a new pair of shoes, I found that I could run faster and jump higher. Could this be true… While lacing up kids shoes this year’s B2SB, I would share this story of how a new pair of shoes can help you run faster and jump higher. Once I finished up lacing both shoes, I asked the kid to jump as high as they could. Both the height of their jump and the smile on their face confirmed my theory.

I find that why we give is often answered simply: because we have first been given. I find this so true while helping these kids try on their new shoes at B2SB, as looking up into these kids’ eyes, I see the face of Jesus.

Pete Sale – St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church

See you Sunday as we dive into what we can learn from “The Peanut Butter Falcon.”

Grace and Peace,


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