For most of the 2020 and early 2021 years, our students had to learn remotely.

And it wasn’t optional . . . they had no choice but to experience and receive their education in a virtual form.

I’d love us to ponder the question, “What would have happened if students were given the content they needed on this?”








“Or this?”






Odds are unless their parents were collectors of some sort, most – if not all – kids would be unable to access the information they needed because of irrelevant technology.

Most students in 2021 don’t have filmstrip projectors around their homes.

Nor do they have 8 track tape players.

They have computers, smart TVs, smartphones, etc.

We don’t expect students to learn in irrelevant ways.

We, as a culture and society carry expectations that the information we seek and desire is presented to us in real, relevant ways.

So, I’ll ask . . . why should church be any different?

Why would church present information – (like, REALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION such as YOU ARE INFINITELY LOVED!) – in any way but a relevant way?

That’s why, at West, one of our core values is “Relevant for Today’s World.”

The message of Jesus the Christ transcends time . . .

Love, compassion, truth, service, forgiveness, and grace.

It is up to us – – – you, me, our society, to communicate this timeless message in relevant ways.

Just like we don’t expect students to have 8 track tape players sitting around to learn from, we also can’t expect people to desire to hear messages, no matter how great they are, in irrelevant ways. It changes the way we “do” and “be” the church. How can we be relevant today?