Layne Jones/Student Ministries Catalyst

I would have laughed if someone had told me five years ago that I would be working in a church! However, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else now. Currently, I serve as the Children’s and Youth Catalyst at West Church LKN, where my responsibilities range from caring for babies to engaging with college students.

I genuinely enjoy spending time with kids, sometimes even more than with adults! Working with children and youth is my true passion, as I strive to guide them on their spiritual and faith journeys with God. Our primary focus is establishing trust-based, long-lasting relationships with students, ensuring they feel comfortable and enthusiastic about attending church. The world is filled with countless fascinating, diverse, and thrilling experiences, and I take great pleasure in discovering them alongside the children and youth I work with. I always approach each day with an open and curious mind because I firmly believe that we often have more to learn from them than they do from us.

When I’m not hanging out with the kids and youth at church, I go home and spend time with my stepson, Asher, and my husband JT. One of our favorite things to do is find places with live music where we can bring our three dogs! Our life stays busy in the best way possible!