Just a fun thing to do on this Friday . . . .

Wednesday night, we had a candle-making class at the West office to have adequate candles/gifts for the faculty at Lake Norman High.

Our intent is to say “thanks” for allowing us to use their space so graciously and generously while showing appreciation for what they do for young people in our community.

To do this, we offered an opportunity to “do something” together and do something for others.

Over the past four months, the most successful things West has offered have been events far beyond the Sunday morning scope.

Our month of service, helping over 10 different area non-profits at different days and times.

Ding Dong Ditch – buying, wrapping, and delivering presents for over 50 – 60 people

Amped Outing in December – 15 children from the community come together to paint Christmas things for their parents.

Then, Wednesday night, we had 15 folks from all areas of our region come together to make candles. Dawn, Layne, and I were struck by the crowd’s diversity.

A few attend at 10 am at Lake Norman High. But the others ranged from Amped families, podcast listeners, YouTube listeners, and a few friends who don’t attend West at all.

And our Ugandan campus has taken on new strength. Dero has graduated from university and is living in Kigumba full-time. Cell groups and worship are now happening weekly. This past week, they had two new families. Check out the pic below!

ALL THESE THINGS are what being the church is about . . . finding a way to reach beyond what we already do and are and engage with others in the name of Love.

West, you do this, and do it well. We are so excited to see what the future is going to bring!

One of our guests Wednesday is from a Native American Tribe originating in upstate New York. How cool it was to hear her story!

It’s exciting to see how the diversity of what we are as a church continues to reach beyond what we know. Thanks for engaging with others, for bringing your friends to West things, and for helping us have a fingerprint of Love here and across the world.

For fun . . . .

Take this language quiz on Babbel to see how accurately it discerns where you are from based on how you pronounce certain words.

Click here to take the quiz.

It will only take a few minutes and just is a small reminder that we all see and say things differently. That makes our existence that much more beautiful!

Grace and Peace,