. . . and eventually you look into the mirror.
That is who you woke up with.
No – not the person beside you in bed (hopefully you DO know and are ok with waking up with him/her!) 🙂
The person I’m referring to is the person in the mirror.
Are you ok waking up and seeing that person standing there looking back at you?
A few weeks ago in worship I shared my first “consuming alcohol” story. I was a freshman in college and attended my first “alcohol” party. Needless to say it didn’t take very much before the night was quite beyond my control. Luckily I was with a few trusted friends that made sure I didn’t do anything too ludicrous but I’ll never forget the next morning.
When I woke up on the floor in the middle of a bunch of sleeping strangers, I had to stop and think for a minute, “Where in the world am I?”
Then I remembered.
I took the walk of shame to the bathroom and then, there it was. My face – looking back at me in the mirror.
It wasn’t one of my best mornings.
When you look in the mirror – who do you see?
What do you see?
And – what do you think?
Each day we make many decisions that determine how we feel about ourselves and how we view ourselves.
Sometimes we are on-point and feel as if we are living into being our best selves. We are successful at work or in school. Our relationships are progressing along and all is well in friend/family world. Our finances are stable. All in all – life is good.
But then there are those other times.
We lost our temper. We said things we shouldn’t have. We ventured into places that we said we never would – saying and/or doing things totally out of our character and nature. We made decisions that compromised our integrity.
Sometimes we do a little more than just bumping up against our guardrails.
There are occasions that we crash into them and plow them right over. Leaving a tangled mess behind.
That’s when we wake up and realize, “Hmmmmm, maybe I’m not so ok with who I am seeing in the mirror.”
There are guardrails we can put in place that help us not only tolerate who we see in the mirror but actually love and respect that person.
We will explore how and what those guardrails are this week.
Proverbs 13:20
Walk with wise people and become wise;
    befriend fools and get in trouble.
Grace and Peace,