What are you like on a road trip?

Do you want to “get where you are going” in the most expedient way possible or are you along for the ride?

Unless we intentionally set out on a trip that is to be one of embracing and enjoying the journey, odds are when we go somewhere, we are set on getting there quickly, safely, and then on to the reason for our arrival. Rarely do we stop to ponder the journey.

This is so different from ancient times.

For one, they weren’t traveling in their cars, planes, or trains.

They went either by foot or on the back of an animal (maybe if they were wealthy, they had chariots).

Since their transport was not speedy, they had time to notice things, to observe.

They lived a contemplative life.

We struggle with that.

But how much richer our lives would be if we moved from busyness into mindfulness and contemplation? (Also – we’d be much healthier) 🙂

In our fast-paced and hectic world, it is easy to get caught up in the busyness and noise that surrounds us. Amidst the constant demands and distractions, the invitation to live a contemplative life emerges as a quiet nudge, calling us to find stillness, meaning, and connection.

Thomas Merton writes, “To contemplate means to observe carefully, to pay close attention. Most of the things we notice, we notice in passing, on our way to something else; then, every so often something gives us reason to pause. Something catches our eye or draws our attention, and we’re drawn for a moment to ponder or reflect on that which awakened us in this way.”

What wakes you up?

Is it something big? A loud “boom” in your life? Or are you awakened by the still, small things that are seemingly common but upon a deeper, more intentional view, they are cleary more than simply commonplace?

This week, we will explore (as we did Sunday) why it’s important to live a contemplative life and the benefits of doing so.

But first, think about this for today . . .

“What awakens you?”

“What wakes you up?”

What if we become awakened by all things, not just the big things? What if instead of “just passing through” – we pay attention to the journey? In that journey, we will find and experience beautiful things.

Grace and Peace,


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