Happy Friday!

Per Google, an influencer is, “someone in your niche or industry with sway over your target audience. Influencers have specialized knowledge, authority or insight into a specific subject.”

Society is saturated with influencers now. And those who really excel in their field end up making a decent income with it!

Who influences you?

Who sways you in the decisions that you make? The ways that you look at life?

It could be said that Jesus is an “ultimate influencer.”

Clearly, he had “sway” over a target audience because even two thousand plus years later, people still talk about him, follow him, want to emulate their lives after him!

Believe it or not, each of us are also “influencers.”

No, we probably won’t be getting deals from Amazon to get free products, etc, but we do have the opportunity to be influencers by the way we live our lives.

As we get ready to dive into summer, we are asking that you consider being an influencer.

We are preparing unique experiences each week for you to experience the presence of God in LOTS of ways. Reminding us that God is indeed everywhere. You don’t have to “go somewhere” to find and fully experience the presence of God. It’s about going inward and experiencing God within yourself. Next week we will release the dates/opportunities! We think you will be excited to experience the summer with West!

**So why come to church? Because we believe in the power of community!!!

We were not created to exist alone or in a bubble. There is something to be said for being present with others who are on their journey and the energy and presence that permeates that space.

Also, we are getting ready to dive headfirst into Bash!

Please start collecting gently used clothes (and please note – if you wouldn’t wear it b/c it is so old/worn, no one else needs to either!)

New tennis shoes (any size will do!)

New backpacks!

All this will make Bash happen on July 29th!

And all these actions make you a tremendous influencer!

Until Sunday, let’s all contemplate the power of influence

Grace and Peace,