I love to play games! And I love to win! I’m so darn competitive (it’s why I don’t play sports because I’d lose all the time. So, I channel my competitive nature to other things, like Bananagrams.

Or loving people in the name of Christ.

Except that is not a game. It’s life. Real life. And you do it so beautifully, for just a minute, I’d love to celebrate that win!

Ding. Dong. Ditch Families – over 60 people. The Generosity for 2024 Focus – wow, your response has been so amazing!!!!!! THANK YOU!

And . . . .

It’s crazy to think it’s almost one week from Christmas!

How are you holding up? Sane? Enjoying it, actually? Taking time to “be present”? Or . . . are you stressed, hectic, and wondering where the joy of the season really is?

Last week in the chat room, I asked the folks what message they’d like to hear on Sunday because the in-person folks are going to have a “No Huddles” day and wrap gifts for Ding. Dong. Ditch.

Several folks have shared they’d like some insight on “how” to manage the stress of the holidays so that we can make it what it is intended to be. That’s what we are going to talk about on Sunday at 10 am online. Hopefully, a video I have to share with you will make you laugh, and we will look at what Mary did amidst the chaos to keep herself grounded. I look forward to worshiping with you online.

There will be no message/music at the high school, but instead, YOU will make Christmas happen for over 60 folks! Thank you for making it happen and to Tammy Seiler, who selflessly leads this mission (plus the team surrounding her!)

St. Francis of Assisi says, “It is in the giving that we receive.”

That is so true. I hope you have had the power to experience that.]

On that note, I’d like to share and celebrate with you where we are in our 2024 Generosity Focus.

In November, we shared with you that our budget goal for 2024 is approximately $456,000.

We asked for 60 families to courageously take a step in their gratitude and generosity in giving, increasing their giving by $50 a month so that we can close the gap in our goal.

Thus far, we are so grateful that 20 families have MORE THAN taken that step. We are 1/3 of the way towards our goal with the families and almost 1/2 way to the monetary goal! THANK YOU for giving so generously! Several took one-time steps, and those also made a huge difference! Again, thank you!

If you are tired of my talking about money, trust me. I get it.

Yet, I believe the mission and vision of West are some of the most beautiful glimpses of the Kingdom of God here and now!

We are frugal with our money, and we always seek to give ourselves away!!!

It’s why you don’t see a ton of fancy Christmas decorations on Sunday mornings. . . The setup/teardown of that would be insurmountable. Not to mention the cost of procuring those items. We seek authenticity and minimalism as we share Love.

So, yeah. We unfortunately have to talk about it. But we have faith that very soon, 1/3 is going to be 2/3!

And wouldn’t it be amazing if it made it all the way to 60 families???

All of us pooling our resources so that we can be the love of Christ in our community and world?

Please click here and take a step in your generosity.

If you do not give in a recurring manner, consider doing that. It makes a huge difference!

If you have already given, would you consider increasing your donation to an amount comfortable for you?

We will keep you posted on the progress.

In the meantime, we celebrate that we will remember and honor the ultimate gift of generosity, inclusiveness, and Love in a few days.

Grace and Peace,