Do we need an atlas anymore?

Recently walking through Walmart, I noticed an atlas on an endcap.

I’d forgotten those even existed.

Then, a few weeks later, I saw an idea for Soul Creations using maps. You choose various cities off an old map, places that may have sentimental value for people, and make them into magnets.

I asked Layne when she went to Goodwill and Habitat Restore if she would see if they had any old maps or better yet if she could pick me up an atlas, I’d be very appreciative.

“What is an atlas?”

At first, I laughed, thinking this was just one of those “things” that she didn’t understand what I meant. Then I realized she really had no clue what an atlas was. And why would she need to?

If anyone with a smartphone needs directions, there are countless options for getting them. We don’t need to purchase a book with all 50 states where the roads probably change quicker than the book can be printed.

That tool is ALMOST completely irrelevant now.

At the beginning of a new year, we all become motivated to try to “better ourselves.” Whether it is a habit we aim to “take on” (have you heard about the 5-minute arm exercises??? It is apparently a thing popular with several West folks – we could all take on this habit and have arms others envy.)

Or we can become determined to stop doing other things.

We use the blank slate of a new year to try to inspire change that will improve who we are externally AND maybe even internally.

But how do we figure out what those changes need to be?

It’s one thing to think about bettering ourselves, but if we don’t identify the best process for that journey, then the results end up obsolete, much like an atlas.

In this new year, what if we collaboratively work together to learn about ways to listen to our inner compass and work on becoming our best selves?

That’s what we will dive into this Sunday! Both in person and online.

We will look at overcoming hurdles and obstacles. We will embrace new ways of exploring so that the results will be what we need them to be.

I hope you will join in with West this weekend!

Until then . . .

Grace and Peace,


PS – DO YOU own an atlas? Or any old maps? Or old stuff period??? Like “antiques” old stuff? SOUL Creations has an opportunity for a storefront that would host our “stuff” and antiques. We need a “few” if you have anything available or know people!