Right now we have friends and people in our world, God’s children, and they are hurting. Their pain is from a variety of reasons, but as a collective group, our Black friends are hurting.

If we are going to be at all like Jesus Christ we must go to them, listen and observe where the pain is coming from and do our very best to fix it. Or at least be a part of a solution.

That’s going to mean we have to be uncomfortable. I hope instead of our being defensive, we can all take steps so that we can listen and learn and then apply things in each of our lives so we can love black lives better. Right now – today – they are hurting very visibly and painfully. YES, I KNOW LOTS of people are hurting . . . but we are not all-powerful so maybe we can open our eyes and ears, seek the ones in the most pain right now, and do something about it. I believe it is the church we are called to be.

Today we are joined by several guests who help us become better informed and explore steps we can take.

Watch this 3- minute follow up to the message above “Why Are We So Divided Over racism?” from Rev. Ellis Carson.

“What West Church can do now?”


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