Mooresville Kindness Closet 

The first Mooresville Kindness Closet was founded by Little Helpers of Mooresville in November 2018 as a way to show that young people can make a huge difference. In November of 2019, The Kindness Closet Inc. was created and became a 501(c)3. The Kindness Closet is committed to lessening the financial burden of those in need by providing basic household and hygiene items that are not covered by government assistance. The Kindness Closet provides an opportunity for citizens to spread kindness through sponsoring and stocking the closet one or two weeks at a time. An example of the items needed includes laundry detergent, napkins, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and feminine hygiene products. To learn more check out:

West will be stocking the closet from May 1 – 7 anytime between 9 am – 5 pm (mornings preferred.)

Three ways to help:

1) Purchase items to stock the closet and return them to the church office no later than Wednesday, April 21 at West Church Mission Space 119 A Magnolia Park Drive, MooresvilleThere is a dropbox in the back of the building if no one is at the office. PLEASE use a black sharpie marker to cross out the UPC code on your donation items before you drop them off.

2) Help inventory and prepare the boxes – 2 hours on Saturday, April 24 from 10 am-noon at West Church Mission Space 119 A Magnolia Park Drive, Mooresville.

3) Take a box to the closet and refill the bins in the closet – any time between 9 am-5 pm (morning is preferable) The closet is located at Academy Street Park 601 S Academy St, Mooresville, NC 28115.

Questions? Contact Beth Packman at





Items needed for the closet



Shampoo (family size)

Hair conditioner (family size) 

Hand lotion 

Bar of soap 

Hand Sanitizer (1 large or 5 travel size) 

Men’s Deodorant 

Women’s Deodorant 

Paper plates 

Paper napkins 

Diapers Size 1 

Diapers Size 2 

Diapers Size 3 

Diapers Size 4 

Diapers Size 5 

Package of Baby Wipes

Toothpaste (family-size tube) 

Adult-size toothbrush (16)

Child-size toothbrush 

Dental floss picks (quantity 150) 

Chapstick Tube 

Laundry pods (like Tide pods) 


Feminine Pads 


Box of Tissues  

Dish detergent  

Roll of Paper Towels  

Rolls of toilet paper


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