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What to expect at West Church

When people ask, “Why should I head West?” we explain that we are “a different kind of church”.  The next question is usually, “What’s so different about it?”  Our answer is always, “Come and check us out. Words can’t really explain it!”


West Church is Real, Relevant and Non-Threatening from the beginning to end!

  • You’ll hear songs that are on the radio.
  • You can wear whatever you are comfortable in.
  • No one will be staring to see if you “fit in” or are the “norm.”  There is NO norm at West Church!
  • If you don’t have a lot of “church experience” or your past experience of church left you wanting something more… we invite you to give West Church a try.
  • We believe we are all on a journey… no one has arrived, and part of the beauty of life is being on a journey together.


Welcome to West Church!

A message from Rev. Dr. Andrea Smith

West is a group of people that worship together, online or at Lake Norman High School when we aren’t in the middle of COVID-19).

If you come to West on a Sunday morning, you’ll find folks dressed in shorts and tee shirts or athletic apparel, some coming straight from their soccer game. In winter, a pair of jeans and sweatshirt is common.

At West, “all” means all people are welcome, and we actually live out that core value. West is an inclusive, safe community and we are not ashamed to say that.

We believe in being real and relevant. We want to meet you where you are in your life. You’re not going to hear that there are absolutes — all questions and all pathways of exploration are welcome.

We practice what we understand to be the Jesus way, which is radical love and acceptance. We encourage you to ask questions and wrestle with what we say on a Sunday morning.

We don’t invest a lot of money in facilities. We worship at Lake Norman High School (on pause because of COVID) through an amazing partnership with Iredell School System and have a strong online community. By not having a dedicated building, we can invest our money in community missions.

Major missions:

  • Support a sister church and orphanage in Uganda
  • Operate a food truck with two local African American churches that feeds 150-200 each Sunday.
  • Produce an annual Back to School Bash, where 1,200 disadvantaged students receive shoes, clothing and supplies so they’re ready for success in school.

I would love to hear from you. I’d love to know what questions you have about West. Email me or text 704-928-6083.

Rev. Dr. Andrea Smith
Pastor, West Church

We’ve got a gift for you

If you’d like to know more, please provide the following so we can send you a cool welcome gift, offer relevant information and stay in touch. If you’re willing, a West member will be your virtual guide, answer your questions and help you learn to plug in online and in person.


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