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welcomebannerSo why should I “head West?”

When people ask us “Why should I head West?” we explain that we are “a different kind of church”.  Almost always the next question is “What’s so different about it?”  Our answer is always, “Come and just try it out. Words can’t really explain it!”

While there is nothing really predictable about West Church, there are a few constants!

  • You will be welcomed but no one will be in your face.
  • We have people positioned around the Lake Norman High School Campus that are there to smile, say hello, and answer any questions you may have.
  • You will not have to raise your hand in worship, stand up as a “visitor”, or wear a special badge that makes you stand out!  But we would LOVE to know that you are worshiping with us so we invite you to drop by the VIP tent on your way in or out of Lake Norman High School so that we can send you a “thank you” in the mail.

Sunday Morning is Real, Relevant and Non-Threatening from the beginning to end!

You’ll hear songs that are on the radio.

You can wear whatever you are comfortable in.

No one will be staring at you to see if you “fit in” or are the “norm.”  There is NO norm at West Church!

If you don’t have a lot of “Church Experience” or your past experience of church left you wanting something more… we invite you to give West Church a try.  We believe we are all on a journey… no one has arrived, and part of the beauty of life is being on a journey together.

Welcome to heading West Church!

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Plan Your Visit to West Church…

It’s simple — complete the form below and provide some basic information about yourself, your family and your preferences. From your answers, one of our team members will create an itinerary for the Sunday of your choice. That team member will contact you by phone, go over the itinerary and see if any changes need to be made. Then — on your special Sunday — your team member will meet you at a chosen location with your itinerary and guide you through your visit with us. Your guide will answer your questions, show you around campus and introduce you to members.

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