West Church Vision

Offering a different worship experience to folks with no faith community.


Mission Statement

Love God, serve others, transform the world.


Core Values

2012-03-18 10.49.35West Church follows the Jesus model!

The early followers of The Way were taught to love one another while loving God. At West. Church, we focus on living and loving as Jesus did.  Throughout her history, the “church” has become more “humanity” focused rather than God centered as we’ve tried to figure out what and how to contain something that isn’t containable – the presence of God.  At West Church we hope to keep it real, relevant, and non-threatening, just as Jesus did so that we can engage in lives that are lived out in Love.



2014-08-10 09.19.01All means ALL!

This value is more than just rhetoric. We actually live it…tattoos, shorts and t-shirts, barefoot, poor, rich, whatever and wherever you are is the way we exist at West Church. There is no judgment…anyone and everyone should feel welcome.  The church shouldn’t “look” or “act” one particular way as we believe God loves ALL people. Gender, race, sexual orientation…none of that matters.



2012-09-09 10.19.11Relevant for today!

West Church believes the Gospel message needs to be relevant to where people are in their particular walk with God TODAY! So you will find and hear about things relevant to today’s world and then be able to apply them to your personal life journey. It is the hope that these experiences will offer opportunities to go deeper in one’s walk with God. This also means that the community of West Church is . . .



foodtruckonroadsquareInfinitely Changing!

CHANGE is a GOOD WORD at West Church. In a world where EVERYTHING CHANGES, often times quicker than we can keep up with, we recognize for the “church” to stay relevant, the systems and governing structure must be nimble and able to adapt to the needs around us. Therefore, we are not bogged down in a bunch of committees and RULES . . . the one rule is – there ARE NO RULES. We are constantly seeking to find new ways to offer people Christ.



2013-10-06 09.33.01Fun!

Following Jesus is not meant to be a path of drudgery and seriousness. Life is serious enough as it is. Why not live as if each day is a unique gift which we are given to enjoy? At West Church, energy and excitement surround all aspects of what we do – especially worship! We hope always to share joy! Therefore – West Church seeks to be a community that contains and gives meaning to life; but also one that is FUN!


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