quote, positive, inspiration, west church, lake norman, mooresville, NCHas anyone ever said to you that you only see what you want to?

For five weeks, online on Sundays at 10 AM, we will explore relationships. Part of making our “Cribs” the best it can be is having healthy relationships. In this message series, we will explore the best practices to help us love one another extravagantly, just like Christ loves us.

How does being mindful affect our relationships? During week 1 in the “Cribs” message series Dr. Andrea Smith/Pastor, West Church, Mooresville NC said, “To love like Jesus loves we have to be mindful and let our agendas go.”

Watch Week 1 “Cribs” message here!

How mindful are you? Answer the ten questions, taken from the book “Love Like That” by Les Parrott, below to explore how mindful you are.

Never. Rarely. Sometimes. Often. Very Often.

1. I’m aware of the thoughts I’m having when my mood changes.
2. I ask God for wisdom to recognize needs, thoughts, and feelings in others.
3. I’m intentional about sincerely being my best with others.
4. Recognizing and acknowledging what others are thinking and feeling comes easy to me.
5. I’m very aware when someone else is feeling embarrassed or emotionally wounded.
6. I manage my emotions very well.
7. I set aside my own immediate plans and goals to help someone with their personal agenda.
8. I listen for and am attuned to God’s promptings for me in relationship to others.
9. I’m mindful of God’s presence with me – I hear God’s whispers.
10.I’m good at relaxing my own busy agenda in order to tune into someone else’s.

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Watch here Sundays at 10 or check back weekly for upcoming “Cribs” sermons.

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