A Note from Andrea…

Many people would agree that the world does not need another religious institution, church building, or all the “stuff” that makes those a reality. So . . . if the world does not need them, then what is West Church and why do I do what I do?

We live a time when news consistently gives messages of war, strife, hate, disease, starvation, oppression, and desperation. Having more institutions, buildings, and religious symbols is not going to change any of that. BUT being a people marked by LOVE will change things. In fact, it has the potential to change everything.

West Church and I live out of the belief that if people would unite together and embody ONE thing – Love – then we could potentially bring about change in this world. Our hope is to be a real, relevant, and non-threatening MOVEMENT of Christ, not an institution. Things like “membership” and “committees’” are not in the DNA of West Church and we simply seek to make a difference in our local community and world by using the resources we’ve been given to make others’ lives better.

The way we seek to do that boils down to one word: Love. A universal word . . . meeting a universal need. I hope you’ll check out West Church . . . either online, on social media, or in person at Lake Norman High. Together we can make a difference.

Grace and Peace,


Email: andrea@HeadingWest.org

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