Andrea-CJY-PalmSundayThe world does not need another religious institution. The world does not need another church building to house some people for an hour (1 1/2 hours – I’m wordy sometimes). The world does not need more brass offering plates or silver candle sticks. The world does not need another pastor. The world already has an abundance of each of these things.

So . . . if the world does not need them, then what is West and why do I do what I do? I believe what the world needs now is love. I’m not being cliche. We live a time when news consistently gives messages of war, strife, disease, starvation, oppression, and desperation. Having more institutions, buildings, and altar ware is not going to change any of that. BUT being a people marked by LOVE will change things. In fact, it has the potential to change everything.

I believe if people would unite together and embody ONE thing – Love – then we could potentially bring about change in this world. West United Methodist Church exists to do just that. Live out the call of Jesus of Nazareth to live as a people of love. We hope to be a MOVEMENT, not an institution. Things like “membership” and “committees'” . . . those things are not in the dna of this faith community. Fifteen months after launching from a dynamic 100 year old United Methodist Church, West chartered with the intent of offering Christ in real, relevant, non-threatening ways to people of the 21st century.

The way we seek to do that boils down to one word: Love. A universal word . . . meeting a universal need. I hope you’ll check out West . . . either online, Facebook, or any of the other social media ways that I cannot keep up with! It’s a movement of people that are doing the best we can to follow God. Or is it follow Love? Or . . . maybe it’s both! Because . . . God is Love. Come journey in that love with us and let’s try to make a difference in this world!

Grace and Peace, Andrea

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